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Peninsula Touring - What to do


To experience the Bruce Peninsula to its fullest, we recommend artful touring, best practised slowly. If you simply drive at highway speed from one end to the other (which you can do in an hour and a quarter), you will miss the best the Peninsula has to offer! You won't even see the water, let alone experience that unique, almost-an-island feeling. The Peninsula boasts over 800 KM of majestic shoreline, and you won't see even one of them.

The best style of touring for the Peninsula is "stop-and-go". For the "go" part you can use your car, motorcycle, bicycle or feet! In the winter you can use your snowmobile. As for the "stop" part, the choices are very wide indeed, and the distances between them always easy. If you stay a while we promise you will find your own special place; A hidden cove, a pleasant village, a wooded trail, a bustling town, or simply a quiet stretch of water or spot among the trees.

Tourism Information Centres

2017  Ferry Schedule

Bruce Peninsula has two national parks and one of them is under water! Discover a part of Canada's natural legacy in a unique world biosphere reserve. These parks are world renowned for their rugged beauty and varitey of experiences. Take a walk, a swim, a drive or a boat tour. The sculptured bluffs, cliffs, and caves of the Niagara Escarpment form two sides of this unique natural area; the sloping shores and bays of Lake Huron form the third.

You might not think that a long, thin piece of land lends itself to circle touring, but the Bruce Peninsula is full of surprises. Here are some options. We'll introduce you here to some of the possibilities, while encouraging you to think up your own. 

You might not think the word beach could suggest much diversity of experience in a small area, but the Bruce Peninsula is always full of surprises! Take your pick of over 10+ beaches; take a swim, go for a sail or go fishing.
The abundance of water, shoreline, wetland, beach, woodland, field medow, and escarpment habitats offer a varitey of bird species for you to veiw and identify by exploring! 

Lighthouses appeal to us naturally. Their lights beam out into the darkness, guiding the way, keeping us off the rocks. Their keepers and families dedicated themselves in lonely isolation to keep the lights shining no matter what. Sometimes risking their own lives in deeds of heroic rescue. There are a number of historic lighthouses on the Peninsula that you need to see!

From aimlessly roamin wildlife to public washrooms: view our top touring tips for the Bruce Peninsula. Learn important general travel tips specific to the Bruce Peninsula.

You can spend your time on the Bruce Peninsula in many ways. You can shop, swim, go boating, etc. You can enjoy our communities, roads, and facilities. These are all good experiences. But if you want to get down to the roots, then you will see out some encounters with nature. Nature is a complex and resilient phenomenom, and the Peninsula is particularly a place to appreciate its resiliency. 

There are many ways to explore the beautiful waters of the Bruce Peninsula. Go canoeing, kayaking, boating or sailing... even diving!
The Bruce Peninsula is home to  the diving capital of Ontario, Tobermory is best known for it's historic shipwrecks; which can be veiwed by diving, snorkeling, paddling or by glass bottom boat!

Getting away from the rat race for a supreme caping holiday is in fact as easy as packing the car and heading for the Bruce Peninsula! The area offers diversity in camping experiences, as in everything else. There are over 17 private parks in the area that offer unservices tnt camping as well as full-serviced RV and season facisilities. For those who don't want to "rough it" there are several private parks in the area that offer housekeeping cottages and camping cabins.

The Bruce Peninsula is a natural area and all natural areas have their risks. All un-natural ones do too. Wherever you are, it's always wise to know what the risks are and what to do about them. The Bruce Peninsula is not a dangerous place, simply take reasonable care and follow the rules.

If you are interested in flowers, or in plants more broadly, then you have come to the right place - at any time during the growing season. The Bruce Peninsula is one of the great places in the world for orchids.
Whatever your taste in flowers throughout the spring and summer, you can find something to enjoy. Orchids, asters, ferns, and unusual mixture or trees, shrubs, mosses and lichens are all present in rich abundance.

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