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Scenic Wheeling
Bruce County’s country roads lend themselves naturally and beautifully to cycle touring. They’re quiet, well surfaced, and jam-packed with diversity. You can cycle from sandy beaches in the west to rocky cliffs in the east. Roads climb up and over the Niagara Escarpment and run along some of Canada’s most stunning shoreline. There are plenty of ups and downs and twists and turns, along with tantalizing destinations. You can link lighthouses, visit rural gardens, string together a succession of beaches, head to Harley’s Pub and Perk in Mildmay for butter tarts, or ride to Big Bay General Store for ice cream. That’s the great pleasure about road cycling in the Bruce – you can spin it any which way you want.

Pedal Routes

Be sure to ask us for a free copy of Bruce County Cycling Routes, a brochure outlining 13 different themed tours with maps. The brochure paves the way to the most delightful cycling roads in the county! Another great reference is the Grey-Bruce Visitor Map, showing locations of lighthouses, artist studios, antique shops, gardens, stone ruins and other points of interest. 


Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain Bike Adventure Park

Bruce Peninsula Mountain Biking Adventure Park
661 Bruce Road 9 
Wiarton N0H 2T0

Located just north of Wiarton on Bruce Road 9, the Mountain Bike Adventure Park provides riders with over 20km of both double and single track trails.   During the 2013 trail building season, this property saw many upgrades integrated into the current trail system.  Local riders consider the MTB Park one of the most challenging trail properties within the County of Bruce.  Rocky outcrops, armored tread sections, wicked rock features and newly created family friendly loops put this property high on the “to-do-list” of MTB riders.  A bonus feature is the Pump Track located at the trail head.  Created from packed earth, this continuous loop allows riders to pump through berms and rollers without peddling.  Check it out!


June, July, August and parts of September. Avoid after heavy rain.


Boardwalks and numerous rock gardens to packed mineral soil.


Families and beginner riders will enjoy the hard-packed aggregate trails such as: Rocky Way and Albemarle Pass. New facelifts on Maple Ridge provide advanced riders with some killer rock built features. Big Bear has been revamped to provide a fast, flowing and challenging ride. Up for a serious workout? Try the Bike Buster on for size! Less elevation changes and a smoother tread surface can be found in the Pine Loop and Rocky Flats. The Green Mile now incorporates armored re-routes around wet areas which are sure to add some variety to the riding experience.

Lindsay Tract Trails

Lindsay Tract
4025 Hwy 6 
Miller Lake N0H 1Z0

Trail Information

The Lindsay Tract is the largest of the County Forests consisting of more than 8000 acres.  This diverse property has amazing trail potential but also contains sensitive habitat for the Black Bear and Eastern Massasauga Rattle Snake.   Development began in May 2008 and we will continue over the next five years to build new single track trail and open old logging trails for multi-use users including horseback riding.


This property has great drainage, but beware of slick rocks and roots after a rainy day. Optimum time of year is May through October.


Packed mineral soil with rocky sections


This property offers a challenging fun ride, with approximately 8 km of single-track trail. A great trail to start on is Slow Ride. Just located off the parking lot, it is relatively flat with some easy turns. If you like this type of trail work your way through Thunder Road and take a left turn at Take it Easy before working up the main road to Rattle Way. For more of a challenge with some elevation changes try some of our intermediate trails. If those trails still aren’t enough hit Devil’s and Dust, Highway to hell and Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Rock gardens are abundant along the trails, so exercise caution.

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